QBDAWGS is in search of enthusiastic and high character ALPHA Dawgs who are willing to strive to be a successful quarterback in the future. In order to provide the best quarterback coaching and training, QBDAWGS is open to all QB’s regardless of age and skill. Our aim is to provide the best services to help quarterbacks in achieving excellence.

We at QB DAWGS, assure you that you are about receive the best QUARTERBACK TRAINING by some of the world’s best quarterback training professionals.

As playing Quarterback is the toughest position in any sport, we have devised a range of professional coaching programs which promise skill development and athletic growth. As a result, our focus is for you to play at the highest level.

According to stats, a quarterback at times has less than 2.5 seconds to make a decision based on what 11 defenders are doing... he must filter it all out and process the information quickly and make the right decision. Hence, we at QB DAWGS aim to strengthen the intuitive abilities of the quarterbacks as they have no time for thinking. After taking our coaching programs, quarterbacks will be quick in making the right decisions based on the sound instincts they develop during the training process.

As a quarterback training professional organization, QBDAWGS realizes that the QB position has a number of crucial requirements which must be met by all quarterbacks. The physical and the fundamentals aspects of the game are the key for Quarterbacks’ success. There are many quarterbacks who are likely to possess the physical traits but the great ones have the proper knowledge and understanding to play fast and confident. Quarterbacks can turn the game around for their teams as they too can cope with the overall dynamics of the game.

You must not only understand the mechanics of your Quarterback Position, but you must also work towards building a strong mindset. Being mentally prepared is therefore considered to be of utmost importance for quarterbacks. Because of our focus and emphasis on providing you with a strong skillset, we at QBDAWGS are known for producing the best quarterbacks in the country. MENTAL TOUGHNESS is our major priority, and all quarterbacks at QBDAWGs realize its importance for success.

Our goal is to educate quarterbacks on how to play the game fast and the correct way.

Learn QBDAWGS 5PHASE SYSTEM in the development of:
• Footwork and Home base
• Throwing mechanics
• Accuracy and Power
• Pocket Presence
• Above the neck and eyes (the mental game)

QBDAWGS wants every athlete to train in a positive and competitive learning environment, while stressing discipline, attitude, character and leadership. Quarterbacks will learn the tangibles and intangibles of playing the position.

QBDAWGS will challenge each QB to improve their mental and physical development.

I can GUARANTEE you will be a much better Quarterback not just physically but mentally. QBDAWGS will challenge you to be the DAWG.

QB DAWGS guarantees each Qb improvements in throwing accuracy, arm strength, footwork, understanding of the game, recognition of defenses, self-confidence and the finer intricacies of playing the QB position using their QBDAWGS 5PHASE System.

One of my favorite quotes of all time… “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”

Attention to detail is of the utmost importance to playing the Quarterback position.

Whatever your level of play is QBDAWGS will help you reach the next level. Our motto is “anyone can be average…QBDAWGS are elite!”

"How to be a great QB"

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