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Dropping Dimes Camp

Camp Starts: August 6th, 2020 - 11 am Burlington, ON

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Camps are fun! QBDAWGS Dropping Dimes Camp will be high energy and demanding. You will get to compete against the best QBDawgs in the country during each session. Isn’t that what all sports are about? COMPETE!

As we all know it is very difficult to project success at any level especially at the NFL. The one attribute that seems to predict success as a professional is a QB’s accuracy through a quarterback’s high school and college careers.

The new age Quarterback is not only accurate but Athletic! With players getting bigger and faster – Qbs needs to be athletic in the pocket and to extend plays and make something happen.

This camp will still focus on the QBDAWGS 5PHASE System for each QB:

- Footwork and Home base.
- Throwing mechanics.
- Accuracy and Power.
- Pocket Presence.
- Above the neck and eyes (the mental game).

Qbs will train 2 times per week – for 4 weeks!

Day 1:
60 Minutes Elite Quarterback Skill training

DAY 2:
60 Minutes Elite Quarterback Skill training

A total of 8 hours training in one month!
Here is what to expect:

1. Refined technical skill so you can be more accurate.
2. Reshape your body ( nutrition plan included).
3. New found speed.
4. Strength training SPECIFIC for QBS!
6. FUN!

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