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QB DAWGS is also offering quality remote online training for quarterbacks looking to excel in this game. This means that Quarterbacks do not have to be necessarily in our region to work with us as a team.

We are providing quarterbacks with the ultimate online QB coaching experience through video calling applications such as Zoom. In the midst of a crisis such as Covid-19, this type of training is considered to be extremely beneficial for all quarterbacks in quarantine.

In order to take the remote online quarterback training sessions, you first have to download the Zoom App or visit the Zoom website. Through this application, we can host a conference call where we both can see and hear each other quite clearly. Although Zoom is quite similar to Skype, but it actually has an additional facility to record the entire session which is not available on Skype. As a result, we prefer this application as it enables us to review the entire throwing session with all drills being performed by the quarterback. Once the entire session is recorded, the quarterbacks enrolled with QB DAWGS can go back and assess their performance. Following this routine consistently, our quarterbacks get better and better with consistent training. The major advantage of these remote online quarterback sessions is that quarterbacks can evaluate and assess themselves with the proper guidance of a QBDAWG coach.

In addition to this, another advantage is that the feedback given by the coaches is also entirely recorded and the quarterbacks can keep track of their reviews by the QB coaches at QB DAWGS. In case a player makes a certain mistake, or an error is witnessed in the technique, the coaches are able to provide sufficient guidance to the quarterback. Through this, the player can easily get to know the reasons behind their mistake and how to correct and improve it. This is also known as self-auto regulation. This is therefore an amazing tool that is being used by QB DAWGS to assist players in their training. Listen to what one Qb says about the remote online program:

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